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The PBX-200 is the off-grid and energy storage solution that grows with your needs.


Find here the most frequent questions and answers about Power-Blox and the PBX-200.

Areas of Application

Learn more about the countless application possibilities of the Power-Blox technology.


Electricity feeds companies around the planet, from small households to large data centres. But there's something else that drives our world: Vision. Visions of a world with enough food, a world without poverty, a world of wisdom. Visions of everyone fulfilling their personal dreams. The story of Power-Blox began with one man and his vision to improve the scope and opportunities of people in sub-Saharan Africa and now Power-Blox is actually energizing the visions of many people worldwide.

What we do

In line with this vision, since its foundation in 2015 Power-Blox AG has developed and marketed products that can be a building block in solving the energy problems of around one billion people worldwide.

Simplicity of use, the greatest possible freedom from maintenance and affordability are the focus of development.

The concept of «Frugal Innovation» has always been and will continue to be at the forefront. Simplicity in use, the greatest possible freedom from maintenance and affordability are the focus of development. The award-winning product, the PBX-200 series, was developed according to these principles; a mobile, modular and expandable energy solution that grows with the needs of the user.  

Scalable Electricity

Learn more about the PBX-200, our tailor-made answer to the requirements of rural electrification in sub-Saharan Africa.  

Who we are

Based in Frick, Switzerland, halfway from Basel to Zurich the wonderful Power-Blox team is looking forward to getting in touch with you.

PBX Alessandro 200x200px
Alessandro Medici - Managing Director and Co-Founder
PBX Ben 200x200px
Benjamin Müller - Head of Operations
PBX Markus 200x200px
Markus Parzefall - Head of Research and Development
PBX Nico 200x200px
Nico Philips - Project Manager Engineering
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Board of Directors

PBX Robert 200x200px
Robbert van der Feltz - President of the Board
PBX Alessandro 200x200px
Alessandro Medici - Member of the Board
Unbenannt 1
Remy Baumberger - Member of the Board

Prizes and Awards

Power-Blox has already won a number of national and international awards, including the Smarter E Award, which was presented during the world's leading solar trade fair «Intersolar Europe» in Munich 2019.
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