Leveraging impact with productive use


The PBX-200 is the off-grid and energy storage solution that grows with your needs.


Find here the most frequent questions and answers about Power-Blox and the PBX-200.

Areas of Application

Learn more about the countless application possibilities of the Power-Blox technology.

Unlocking potential!

We are convinced that SDG 7 «Easy and affordable access to energy» can only be achieved by bridging the gap between simple solar home systems, which are not expandable, and larger mini-grids, which are complex and maintenance-intensive. Many villages are too remote for the maintenance-intensive operation of a mini-grid and have only limited productive use development potential due to the limited capacity of solar home systems.

It is the promotion of this socio-economic development potential that ultimately determines the success of an electrification project. This is why our holistic approach always focuses on productive use, taking into account local potential.

Enabling local communities to grow at their own pace, without incalculable financial risks

This begins with the processing of agricultural products, e.g. with grain mills, or chicken breeding machines and extends to simple services such as telephone charging stations. The yields generated enable rural communities to grow at their own pace without having to take incalculable financial risks. 

Use Cases

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From productive use to public institutions and private households. The areas of application for Power-Blox technology are vast.
Small Businesses
Barber shops, internet cafes, copy shops, small grocery shops, telephone charging services
Electrification of schools, lighting of classrooms, overhead projectors, digital learning
Food and Agriculture
Operation of grain mills, drying machines, egg incubators and water pumps
Public Services
Electrification of rural police stations, fire stations, voting stations, border stations
Health Centers
Lighting of birth stations, cooling of vaccines, powering emergency communication etc.
Craft industry
Craft workshops, repair workshops and souvenir production
Private Households
Lighting, radio and TV, cooling and processing of food
Disaster Relief
Powering of communication devices, mobile water testing lab, water purification kit
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