Case Study - Police Stations

Electrification of public infrastructure in rural parts of Angola


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Published on: Aug 06, 2020

Case Study - Police Stations

Mobility, installation, operation and maintenance without expert knowledge as well as flexible adaptation of the power supply to local infrastructure and equipment of police stations are only some of the requirements relevant for the electrification of a mobile police station. 

Civil Services Angola 4

Power-Blox opens up this possibility for local  authorities. Local police stations can optionally be equipped with three to six PBX-200 depending on the power requirements. In a first pilot project the National Police Station Detachment S/B, Cabolombo, Luanda, was electrified and equipped with four Power-Blox and the corresponding PV system. The electrification represents a major step for modern police work. Identity checks, database queries and the communication possibilities for officers have been improved significantly. The operation of an air conditioning system and the lighting also considerably improve the working conditions on site. In addition, every police station was equipped with an online gateway to enable 24/7 monitoring. The concept though is not limited to police stations. It can be extended to almost all areas of public services. From customs controls to voter registration in rural areas to the electrification of fire stations, the possibilities for improving and providing public services are almost limitless.  

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