Rapid intervention kit

Fighting Covid-19 starts with energy

Areas of Application

Learn more about the countless application possibilities of the Power-Blox technology.


The PBX-200 is the off-grid and energy storage solution that grows with your needs.

COVID-19 Kit

Use our Covid-19 rapid intervention kit to locally produce a chlorine-based antiviral disinfectant.

The rapid intervention Covid-Kit

With Power-Blox and WATA™  you can produce your own antiviral chlorine based disinfectant locally and cost-effectively. Use it to disinfect drinking water, surfaces, wounds and hands to provide hygienic conditions for medical staff and patients. But that‘s not all, because Power-Blox serves as a universal energy interface for off-grid use, it reliably supplies you with 230 V AC electricity for utilizing vast medical applications. 

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Disinfection of Hands, Surfaces and Wounds
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Water Purification e.g. with Chloride
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Lighting of Birth Stations, etc.
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Cooling Medicine and Vaccines
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Diagnostic Equipment like mobile Blood Analysis
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Telemedicine and Improved Communication


Just Plug & Power and the power team of WATA™ and PBX-200 will be ready to produce up to 20 liters of antiviral sodium hypochlorite a day. Using the simple principle of electrolysis all ingredients you need are sodium chloride (salt), clear water,electricity and a water container. WATA™ is officially approved by the World Health Organisation.


How it works

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Connect PBX-200 and WATA™
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Mix salt and water
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Start the electrolysis

The production of a 5 gram per liter antiviral sodium hypochlorite solution is very simple. Just connect the WATA™ Standard to the PBX-200 and put it in a container with two liters of salt water (190ml of saturated salt solution and 1810ml of clear water). After 2 hours, two liters of disinfectant solution are ready for use. The antiviral solution can be used for the disinfection of about 8000 liters of water, rooms, surfaces and even for hand and wound disinfection. 

Pricing and Orders

Prices start at CHF 3.400* for the PBX-200 and WATA™ kit without a solar module. The set including a 315 Wp solar module is CHF 3.700*. 


* All prices exclude shipping, VAT and import duties.

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