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Bringing electricity to health posts in Mozambique


The PBX-200 is the off-grid and energy storage solution that grows with your needs.


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Published on: Jun 22, 2022

Quality health care starts with energy

Undoubtedly the effect of electrification on the quality of health care is great as it expands prevention, diagnostics and treatment options. But, one in four health facilities in Sub Saharan Africa lacks access to electricity, which limits even basic treatments. That number becomes even bigger when only counting rural health facilities. Power-Blox has developed the ideal solution for the electrification of rural health facilities. The Swiss Made all in one AC-system is plug and power, extendable and almost maintenance free and thus enabling a resilient and reliable energy supply while extending treatment options. Below you find a list of possible applications and the number of Power-Blox needed for each use case.

Tabelle Health Centers

Track Record

Together with GIZ, Power-Blox electrified 42 health posts in rural Mozambique, in just 3 weeks. Reliable power supply solves basic problems such as poor lighting and significantly improves the quality of health care. In addition, the health posts were equipped with the so called WATA-KIT. With its help and the power from the Power-Blox, a disinfection solution can be produced locally with nothing more than water and common salt. That improves both hygiene conditions and the drinking water supply. Watch the video for more information.

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Additional information on possible applications and key contacts can be found in our health center factsheet.

All technical details of the PBX-200 can be found in our technical datasheet. Have a look and please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. 

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