Village electrification in Lao

Proof of concept for Plug & Power installation


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Published on: Aug 12, 2020

Off to new frontiers

For the first time, Power-Blox AG has proven, that the electrification of an entire village is possible solely with the support of the local population and local companies conducting the installation.   

After a sucessful pilot project in January 2020 our local installation partner «Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd.» managed to build a minigrid in order to connect 153 households in the two remote Lao villages of Kobong and Thaphaiban. Overall 34 PBX-200, supplying 6.8 kW of AC power at a capacity of 40.8 kWh were installed, aiming at improving the lives of the local population. 


Immediate improvements concern above all the lighting situation. The villagers are now able to continue their productive activities after sunset and the lighting alone provides an improved learning environment for the children of the villages. In that sense even small changes open new perspectives and potentials. 


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