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Health center electrification in rural Angola


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Published on: Sep 10, 2020

Effective health care needs reliable energy

The Covid-19 pandemic has again highlighted the important role that electricity plays in health care. Health posts must be able to rely on a reliable power supply to treat their patients well. This starts with such simple and self-evident things as reliable and good lighting. Imagine a midwife who has to put a torch in her mouth during a night delivery to keep both hands free. 

Power-Blox AG our Angolan partner Pro Power Blox Africa S.A. and the Angolan telecommunications company Unitel S.A. have joined forces to improve health care in rural areas. In a pilot project, a health centre in the municipality of Kalandula, Angola was electrified.

The ten PBX-200s installed in the health centre provide enough energy to light it reliably and without interruption. The electrification will also enable the cooling of vaccines and medicines and the installation of a small laboratory with diagnostic equipment, which will take place in a later project phase.  Even the local production of antiviral disinfectant, which can be used both for surfaces and for wound disinfection, is conceivable thanks to the WATA kit. 

In short, electrification serves as a door opener for significant improvements in public health care and health services.  

Covid-19 Rapid Intervention Kit

Produce antiviral disinfectant locally with just water, salt and electricity. 

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