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The PBX-200 is the off-grid and energy storage solution that grows with your needs.


Find here the most frequent questions and answers about Power-Blox and the PBX-200.

Areas of Application

Learn more about the countless application possibilities of the Power-Blox technology.

The PBX-200 Series

The best of both worlds! Following this principle, the PBX series combines the simplicity of a solar home system with the power of a mini-grid.

PBX 200 Features

The PBX-200 system is «Plug and Power», extensible and requires no configuration, specific know how or maintenance. It consists of intelligent energy cubes with an integrated lithium battery (LiFePO4). Each cube provides 200 Watt of alternating current and can be powered by a solar unit or from any external source (such as wind, hydrothermal, biomass, or a generator, etc.) to supply a household or small commercial business with electricity. 

The Power-Blox PBX-200 series, the first product that was developed based on our swarm technology, is a revolutionary extensible energy system producing DC and AC from 200 Watt up to the Kilowatt range and serves as a portable socket for off-grid power needs.  

A System that grows with your needs

Stand alone
Stand-alone: Power of 200 Watt
Stacking: Power of up to 1.8 Kilowatt
Swarm grid
Swarmgrid: Power of up to 10 Kilowatt

The modularity of the PBX-200 allows a stepwise growth of generation capacity. Similar to building blocks, new PBX-200s are simply plugged in when the demand for electricity increases, without any interruption to the power supply and within a few minutes.

Power wherever you are!

Modular, mobile, simple and affordable - the PBX-200 series is our answer to the challenges of rural and off-grid electrification.

Product Features and technical data

  • Benefits at a glance

    • The PBX-200 is extensible by simply connecting two or more cubes
    • It's easy to use - «Plug & Power»
    • No engineering needed and maintenance free
    • A gateway enables fast and reliable real time data
    • The PBX-200 is ready for use within minutes and supplies renewable energy
    • With a weight of 20 kg (LiFePo4 battery) it's quite mobile

  • Versions

    The PBX-200 is available as:

    • PBX-200 Pb with integrated lead acid battery     
    • PBX-200 Li with lithium or LiFePo4 (iron phosphate) battery     
    • PBX-200 Li/Le Lithium or LiFePo4 version without mains charging function

  • Product Features

    • MPP solar charger Swarm-/mini-grid enabled
    • 4x stacking sockets
    • Unlimted scalability
    • Integrated stacking cable
    • Grid/generator connector (not in PBX-200 Li/LE)
    • 12 V DC/3 A (cigarette lighter socket)
    • 2 x USB output

  • Technical Data

    DC voltage: 5 V / 12 V

    AC continous output voltage: 220 - 240 V

    Frequency range: 47 Hz ... 64 Hz

    Continous output power: 200 W

    Maximum output power for 3 seconds: 400 W

    Capacity: 1.3 kWh Lithium / LiFePO4 Battery or 1.392 kWh Lead / AGM Battery


All specifications and further details on the PBX-200 series can be found in our Datasheet. If you have any further questions please do not hestitate to contact us.

Further questions?

See our FAQ section if you have further questions. 

Official Distributors

As an end customer from Switzerland, please order your PBX-200 directly online from our partners Systech or As a business customer you can order your PBX-200 from Otto Fischer. By clicking on the logo you will be directed to the respective online shop.
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